Pre-Employment Drug Tests

The use of illegal substances has become more and more widespread today. This is one of the reasons why employers are turning to pre-employment drug tests to filter applicants during the hiring process. Another reason is because most employers want a drug free workplace to foster professionalism, safety and productivity.

A number of pre-employment drug tests are available for companies and each offer a slightly different set of benefits. Here at National Drug Testing Network, we are dedicated to accommodating all your pre-employment drug tests needs. You don’t have to leave the office. We come to you through our on-site mobile testing service.

Consider a pre-employment drug test an investment for your company’s future. The U.S Department of Labor estimates that employee drug use costs employers over $80 billion annually and their general recommendation is to conduct a drug test after the hiring offer was made and before the individual actually enters the workplace.

Types of Pre-Employment Drug Test

Urine Testing – this is one the most common and preferred testing methods today because it provides an inexpensive and non-intrusive way to screen applicants for past drug use. A urine drug test detects a number of illegal substances which includes cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, PCP, opiates and many others. If the applicant has taken any of these substances a week before the test, it will be easily detected using a urine drug test.

Hair Testing – A hair drug test is able to detect if the applicant is a habitual drug user as it has a 90 day detection period. Though slightly more expensive than a urine drug test, hair drug screening can identify a range of drugs including cocaine, opiates, PCP (angel dust), marijuana, amphetamines, and basic prescription drugs.


Fluid/Saliva Testing – Businesses such as construction sites use this type of test for immediate results. In addition to an immediate result, oral fluid tests can also be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and MRO review.

National Drug Testing Network also offers confidential pre-employment drug test which can be conducted in any locations utilizing accredited a mobile onsite testing program.

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